Aesthetics meet High Technology or Bill meets Karl
Make good-looking sites that work
Deliver on time and have perfectionism as a middle name
Get you visitors and make them love it, share it with their friends and come back
Handmade and made-to-measure yet affordable
Spreek Nederlands and English et parle Fran├žais aussi
In the beginning

As a kid I was so proud of my Atari computers. Learning to program in BASIC, printing on dot matrix printers, putting big labels on ditto floppy discs and saving it all on cassette tapes.

Image: my second computer (not counting the game consoles), an Atari 130XE (1985), follow up of the 600XL (1983) I was so proud of. Once the Atari ST came out, the world would never be the same.


I built our first websites for my fashion agency when accessing internet was still quite a task.


at Levi's Strauss I built the Retail intranet and adventured in heavy planning programs,
giving me serious nerd experience


working mainly for Scabal and manage all their digital projects ever since, from the high tech servers linked to SAP with VPN tunnels with over 60 domainnames over website programming and ad/banner management


thanks to my close link to parties and fashion, I took the time to ad some projects dear to me in the music and beauty business


I work with more people to be able to produce more, get good results and still have fun


I moved to a bigger space in Brussels.
looks very promising indeed ! check the Projects we've been doing


I decided to move to Digital Project Management and get my Scrum Certification. I will no longer be building website myself yet managing people in companies and agencies to the best result.